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The need for car lock replacement doesn’t arise often. But when it does, it becomes a number one priority – assuming you treasure your car and want to keep it. You see, this need is an indication of car door locks problems, and that’s bad news for car security. What should you do to be prepared for such situations? For starters, keep the number of an auto locksmith handy.

Replacing the car locks isn’t something most people often consider. Just as with any other lock in your life when it has been compromised, you might want to change it.

Besides cutting new keys for your vehicle, automotive locksmiths can change your car locks, including the ignition lock.

If your vehicle was made from 1995 to now, there is a good chance it has a transponder chipped key. This is something to consider when looking to change the locks to your car. Transponder keys were designed with extra security in mind. The key disables the engine immobilizer when inserted into the ignition. When changing locks on your car, the ignition may also need to be changed to match. Below are the main reasons for replacing car locks.

Damaged car locks change

Occasionally the lock barrels on the doors can be damaged. Either through accidents or from someone attempting to break into your vehicle. Your lock may be loose or stiff, making it unusable. An automotive locksmith can service the locks on your car and key it to match the rest of your car.

Broken key

Over time your car key may have weakened or been damaged. This is commonly seen by people using their key to unlock the boot and use the key to lift the door up. If your key has snapped off in a lock, you may need to replace the lock. The new lock can be keyed similar to your car, and a new key cut and programmed to work with your car.

Lost or stolen keys

When the keys to your home have been lost or stolen, you might look at changing the locks to your house. The car is no different. By replacing the locks of your car, you help to ensure that those missing keys can’t be used to break in or steal your car.

Ignition replacement

For most cars, there’s one key for both the door locks and the ignition. Now, if the ignition key is replaced, so will the ignition or vice versa. But this will leave you with one extra key, which is the original key that will now fit only in the door lock. This means that you will have to carry two keys – one for the ignition and one for the door. That’s quite inconvenient.

Of course, the car locks change cost is considerable. If this is an old car and you are planning to get a new one in a while, there’s no need to get into the trouble of replacing the locks to use one key. Auto locks change is mainly necessary when there are signs of problems that could lock you out or put your vehicle’s security at stake. In such cases, the best thing you can do is turn to a locksmith company since car keys and locks are not simple today. And the last thing you want is to make matters worse by assigning the job to a handyman. The good news is that locksmiths charge less than dealers, although the price is always subject to the car’s brand.

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