Repair and Replace Car Ignition

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When we discuss the ignition repair or replace, there are two significant parts to be concerned about:

  • Ignition Switch: This is the part of the ignition where the key is placed and turned to start a car.
  • Electronic Ignition: This consists of the electronic components that help to power the starter.

Depending on the vehicle type, the ignition may be comprised of a single unit or separate.

The ignition lock cylinder is the mechanism the key fits into, allowing your car to start and activating other electrical components as well. Do you have to jiggle your keys multiple times to get the lock to turn? Signs of a bad ignition include tumblers shifting inside the cylinder or the key not turning at all.

Why Do Ignition Cylinder Locks Break?

Ignition switches mainly consist of metal. Metal can wear down over time. Heavy use or something as simple as a heavy key chain can shift or strip the tumblers, creating damage that only a qualified auto locksmith can fix, repair or replace ignition quickly and affordably. You don’t want to get locked out of your car on top of having a broken ignition switch or broken car key.

Think twice before taking your vehicle to a dealer for ignition repair. Dealership’s primary goal is to make as much money as possible. Sometimes this means charging for unnecessary parts and services. For instance, for a slightly damaged ignition lock that could be repaired for under $100 by a locksmith, most dealers will try to convince you to purchase an entirely new ignition system. Furthermore, no one charges more for labor than a car dealer. You may be looking at throwing away a mortgage payment.

Our certified automotive locksmiths at Los Angeles Car Keys possess the expertise to perform ignition replacement services without robbing you blind. Our work will be completed efficiently and affordably, and will not affect your car warranty in most cases.

Ignition Cylinder Repair and Replacement

The Ignition Lock Cylinder is the part where the key gets inserted. There are some common symptoms for a bad ignition lock cylinder, which could require you to replace it. They include:

  • Problems when inserting or removing the key – this is the most common reason why we service and repair this part.
  • The vehicle will not turn on – usually caused by a worn cylinder after much use.
  • The engine will not crank when turning the key – sometimes, the engine will crank, but the car won’t start.
  • The ignition switch is too hot to touch.
  • The engine will randomly shut off during travel.

Can A Locksmith Rekey My Ignition Switch?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Los Angeles Car Keys locksmiths have performed numerous ignition repair and rekeys at rates far below dealerships. Why take your car to a dealer to rekey your ignition when our locksmith comes to you with all the necessary equipment and experience to get the job done at your convenience?

At Los Angeles Car Keys, Locksmithing and car security are our passions, and we’re here to help everyone find the security solutions they need. We service the Greater Los Angeles area. Connect (424-345-1437) with our locksmith team in Los Angeles Car Keys for any locksmith solutions!