1. The Very Basic Car Key

These are the most common car keys and they are very easy to replicate. They are usually cut by machines or laser in the case of more modern cars. They usually have almost no security features which makes them easy to duplicate. Some of your old cars still use these keys and you will find the elderly in your Let’s imagine that you are running late for a meeting already. You being in such a hurry end up breaking your car key inside the door lock. The panic begins to set in. You gradually start to lose your mind and this is when you recall that you already have Car Key Replacement Los Angeles on your speed dial. What do you do? You call the professional and narrate the entire incident to him. He arrives at your location within a few minutes and you are on your way. Sounds like a fairy tale but this can happen to you as well. If you have the right Los Angeles Car Key Replacement  professional on your speed dial, nothing can go wrong. But for that, you must know a few things about car key replacement in Los Angeles. Let’s discuss:

home prefer old automobiles that are easy to open and drive. This means that you might also be in possession of such car keys. If you find that your old basic car keys are missing or they have broken inside the car, they are very easy to replace. The professional is going to craft a duplicate key for you within a matter of minutes.

2. The Remote Car Key

These are more modern and have a lot of security features integrated into them. There also called transporter keys and they emit a certain infrared wave that helps you lock and unlock your car from a distance. These are usually the tier-1 security keys which are very common these days. A typical key such as this runs usually on a CR44-type battery. You might want to replace them every 3 or 4 years. If you want to replace the key, it is going to require you to send your automobile along with the key for replacement. The process can be very expensive and therefore, it is advised by several Auto Locksmiths that you do not lose your keys at all. However, if you have a reputable Locksmith West Hollywood expert on your speed dial, you can get a replacement quite easily and without breaking the bank.

3. Smart Control Cars

The keys that are used by smart cars are completely different. If you have such vehicles in your house, it is better to get in touch with a Locksmith Beverly Hills who knows what he is dealing with. If you get unlocked out of such a vehicle, it is essential that you find a professional who is skilled at unlocking electronic and most advanced cars. You do not have to physically unlock these cars because they have inbuilt sensors that can sense the key in your hand and they just unlock themselves as you approach them. These cars also allow you to start the ignition without inserting the key into the tumbler.

Now let’s understand some very common incidents where you might need the assistance of a car key replacement professional in Los Angeles

1. Nonresponsive Key

If the key of your car is nonresponsive, you might want to replace the battery. This is the most commonly used solution and it works. You might need a CR32 or CR44 battery. However, if this is not the case and if replacing the battery doesn’t work, you might need the help of a Car Key Replacement Los Angeles expert right away.

2. Losing Your Smart Key Or Transponder Key

If you have lost your car keys, the ideal way to go forward is to call
Locksmith West Hollywood and ask him to produce a replacement of the same. These professionals are well aware of the mechanism of the lock and can replicate your car key within a matter of a few minutes.

3. A Broken Key Inside The Lock

Your auto locksmith is going to replace the entire key and you can witness the process in front of you. This is the only way to solve a broken car key problem.


In the end, your locksmith is going to advise you not to reprogram your smart keys even if you know how to do it. Lubricating the ignition barrel with a little bit of graphite is also a good idea to extend the life of your car key. Keep your car keys and especially the smart car keys away from any moisture and humidity.

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