It can be very difficult to handle a lockout whether it is with your house or vehicle. Gaining access to your locked automobile can be a little more stressful because you will already be agitated at yourself. You might be tempted to smash the window just to get to work on time. But this is not the solution you are looking for. You will only end up feeling an immense amount of regret later when you realize that there were better options out there like getting in touch with a Car Key Replacement Los Angeles expert. Yes, your auto locksmith has a lot of information to share with you. Let’s first understand the different types of car keys that we deal with practically daily.

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Traditional Automobile Keys

You are probably using a traditional car key if it has the following characteristics:

  • If you see that there is a single length of metal that is exposed and has different patterns on it, it is a traditional car key.
  • There is usually no plastic covering close to where you grip the key from.
  • It is not usually attached to a remote or fob
  • Your car key does not have an immobilizer which is very common in models dated before 1990


According to your Los Angeles Car Key Replacement professional, traditional car keys are the easiest to repair or replace. They are also one of the most common types of car keys that you will ever find. They were manufactured way before you purchased your first car. You can say that the first traditional car keys came into existence before 1995. They have a series of cuts and grooves on the metal piece and they can be identified very easily just by their appearance. If you break or damage your car keys, your Replacement Car Key Los Angeles expert can help you out within a matter of a few minutes. He will make sure that you are on your way to your office or home as quickly as possible.

Transponder Car Keys

A transponder key looks like a remote control attached to a traditional car key, in addition to a few design changes here and there. It has a plastic covering where you have a grip. Transponder car keys are also very common. It was after the year 1995 that manufacturers all over the world begin pairing transponder keys with their vehicles. A wide variety of such car keys are used till the present day and they are still very popular. It just works like pairing a Bluetooth device with your smartphone. The keys are paired to your automobile and you can lock and unlock them from a distance. There is a transmitter chip inside the transponder key that sends and receives a signal from your car ignition. The chip can get damaged and you will know that something has happened to your car key if there is no exchange of signals between the transponder and your vehicle. In such a situation, you will either have to replace the transponder or use your manual key instead.

No Key At All

It does not mean that you do not have any keys to enter your electric vehicles. It just means that the way to access your vehicle is completely different when you compare it with traditional car keys. Today, most modern cars that you come across will have this kind of keyless entry. You will find that there is a button to start the ignition and there is no metal key at all. It is just a remote control that is very small in size but it can lock and unlock your vehicle quite easily. If you end up damaging this, your Car Key Locksmith Los Angeles professional will have to reprogram the entire system and pair it with your vehicle again.

Emergency Car Key Replacement Los Angeles

So There You Have It

A little info on the various types of car keys that are in use today! Remember not to mess with them if you end up breaking or damaging them. Always connect with your Emergency Car Key Replacement Los Angeles expert right away when you are looking to gain access to your locked vehicle again.

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