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Our Car Key Replacement Los Angeles is the go-to solution for numerous residents, companies, and automotive organizations. Our standardized portfolio of Los Angeles Car Key Replacement services includes key supply, car lock rekeying, car key cutting, and programming provided on a scheduled appointment and an emergency response. This offers our clients access to a quicker and more cost-effective solution compared to obtaining similar services from the main dealer channels. You can contact us if you require Locksmith Near Me in the Los Angeles and Surrounding areas.

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At Los Angeles Car Keys, Car Key Replacement Los Angeles is our passion, and we’re here to help everyone who is searching for Locksmith Near Me in LA or surrounding areas. We provide service in the Greater Los Angeles area. Connect with our locksmith team in Los Angeles Car Keys for any locksmith solutions!

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  • Rekey Car Locks
  • Lockouts
  • Remove Broken Key
  • Replace Lost Key
  • Cut New Keys
  • 24 Hour Emergency
  • Transponder Keys
  • Make Ignition Keys
  • Pop a Lock
  • Unlock Cars
  • Replace Ignition
  • Re-key Car Keys
  • Replace Auto Locks
  • Ignition Rekeyed
  • Unlock Trunk
  • Foreign & Domestic Cars
  • Opening Trunks
  • Car Keys Made in Minutes
  • Transponders Keys
  • High Security Keys
  • Ignitions Change
  • Car Locks Re-key

Los Angeles Car Key Replacement

Basic Keys and Fob

As its name denotes, you already have an idea of what a basic car key looks like. This was the conventional car key until the late 1980s. It doesn’t have any additional security functionality except its unique cut. It appears as a regular house key. These keys are easy to cut, and the locksmith doesn’t require any extra equipment. This is because there is no difference between the machine used to cut other keys, and the one used to cut a basic car key.

A locksmith can make a basic car key duplicate, and so would a car dealership. However, with car dealerships, your key gets branded with the automaker’s logo, although the cost of replacing a car key through a car dealership is significantly higher compared to having it done by a qualified locksmith.

Modern cars have gone beyond using just basic keys, and that is thanks to the advancement in innovative automotive technologies. Modern car keys feature remotes or transmitters also referred to as electronic fobs. The fob is a vital part of the key, and its replacement costs more than the basic keys. This is because there is usually the need to have the fobs programmed to function normally with the car. The fob needs to send a radio signal to the car locking mechanism.

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Smart Keys

The world is in constant evolution, and so is technology. We live in a world where everything is becoming ‘smart’ – smartphones, smartwatches, smart homes, smart cars, smart refrigerators, etc. Technology has also produced smart keys. These are not conventional keys; rather, they appear as key fobs and stay in your pocket or purse. This allows you to start the car with the push of a button on the car’s dashboard.

This is how it works. The smart key has an entirely different security characteristic that rolls its security code and does it randomly. This is to prevent thieves from using code grabbers to hack into the key. When the ignition button is pressed, the car’s computer communicates with the smart key and recognizes the code the smart key is sending, and when it verifies the code’s validity, the car’s engine will start. Mercedes Benz was among the first car manufacturers to adopt the technology and were the ones that gave it the name ‘Smart Key,’ and at the moment, every vehicle in the automaker’s lineup uses the smart key. Replacing these keys could cost a fortune, depending on the automaker and the complexity of the key.

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Transponders Car Keys

The late 1990s saw an improvement in car key security technology. Car manufacturers started introducing the use of transponder keys. This type of key was designed by embedding transponder chips into inconspicuous places in the keys, particularly the key’s plastic head. So when the key is inserted in the ignition, there is a communication between the transponder and the ignition’s receiver, adding another security layer. Therefore, when the immobilizer detects a wrong signal, the car will refuse to start.

Replacing a transponder key can be done via car dealerships, as they have the necessary equipment to cut the key and program its transponder. Good auto locksmiths like Los Angeles Car Keys also have this equipment; therefore, it’s left to the car owner to decide on which option to select.

Auto locksmiths are significantly cheaper than car dealerships, but you may not get the automaker’s branding on the new key.

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Switchblade Car Keys

You remember how a switchblade works, right? Press the button, and the blade pops out. There are car keys with similar designs. When the car keys are not in use, the shank stays hidden in a folded manner in the fob and then pops out when a button on the fob is pressed. A switchblade car key is either designed as a laser-cut or basic cut key. An added benefit of switchblade car keys is that separate purchase of the components is possible. So, if your key gets damaged, you may not need to worry about replacing the whole unit, as you can purchase the shank on its own. However, if it is a case of a lost key, then you may need to get the shank and the fob, and it could be costly. This is because of the need to consider the programming of the various components.

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Laser-Cut Keys

It is quite easy to differentiate between a basic cut key and a laser-cut key. A common way to do this is by the key’s thickness. Laser-cut keys are usually thicker than the basic keys and have fewer carved groves. Usually, laser-cut keys are referred to as ‘sidewinder’ keys, due to the shank’s distinctive cutting. Unlike some other key cutting machines, the laser-cutter costs more than the basic key cutter, and you may not find them at every hardware store or locksmith.

They also come with a transponder chip embedded in them; hence they need to be programmed, either by a locksmith or at the car dealership.

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What We Do?

Car Key Replacement Los Angeles

Same day / next day support is offered across the Greater Los Angeles area via a network of California’s leading locksmiths. These locksmiths are vetted, managed, and coordinated by a central support desk managing all quotations, authorizations, locksmith deployments, payments, and service inquiries.

Organizationally, Los Angeles Car Keys works to enhance the general standard for quality, security, and compliance within the car security industry. We are very passionate about car keys.

Our services includes:

  • Key Extraction
  • Car Key Making
  • Car Key Replacement
  • Ignition Repair
  • Ignition Switch
  • Transponder Chip Key
  • Rekey Locks
  • Locks Change

Do you have a car key, but wonder which type it is? Our top auto locksmiths have put together the different types of car keys below.

We offer all car keying solutions. Erase all existing keys and re-program new ones back in for peace of mind; you may buy a car with only one key, but previous owners may still have a key. Our rekey solutions take care of any car lock issues.

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